EMD Global specializes in the development and sourcing of custom-engineered goods and components. Clients range from Fortune 100 companies to small and start-up ventures.

Our base of manufacturing partners has been established with over 20 years of programs and refinements, focusing on providing a keen attention to quality and best net value.

>> Our Products

  • EMD delivers ... COST REDUCTION

    We've built our business on reducing your costs.
  • EMD delivers ... DESIGN EXPERTISE

    We'll develop and provide solid model files, engineering prints, & qualification testing as part of our technical collaboration to drive program success.
  • EMD delivers ... INNOVATION

    With 29 US patents issued, we've proved we provide advanced design thinking.
  • EMD delivers ... QUALITY

    Our quality management methods draw on best industry practices to provide goods meeting your exact specifications.
  • EMD delivers ... PERFORMANCE

    Please allow us the opportunity to help you tackle your toughest procurement challenges.
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